In this project, VEC performed Validation of existing refinery equipments of various kinds by reviewing all the data collected by the data mining team and determined its disposition in the file structure starting from OEM event to the present condition of the vessel. Based on the above, VEC provided recommendations to engineering, a written scope of work, of what is required to complete the file. This work was awarded through S&B for owner British Petroleum.

Pressure vessel document validation performed for the following various refinery process units:
Alkylation unit
Sulfur recovery unit
Coker unit
Amine regeneration unit
Distillate desulfurization unit
Ultraformer unit

Above process units included following different static equipments for validation:
Pressure vessels
Shell & Tube heat exchangers
Air Cooled heat exchangers
Surface condensers

Job awarded: May 2014

The target Completion date is December 2016

Page updated on: 22nd September 2014

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