C1437 Chevron Philips 1 - Hexene Project

This project will be the world’s largest on-purpose 1-hexene plant capable of producing up to 250,000 metric tons (551,000,000 lbs) per year for Chevron Phillips Chemical Company (CPCHEM) at its Cedar Bayou Chemical Complex in Baytown, Texas. 1-hexene is a critical component used in the manufacture of polyethylene, a plastic resin commonly converted into film, pipe, detergent bottles, and food and beverage containers.

S&B was awarded with the work to engineer and build the plant utilizing Chevron Phillips Chemical’s proprietary, 2nd generation, on-purpose 1-hexene technology, which would produce co-monomer grade 1-hexene from ethylene with exceptional product purity. VEC provided the detailed engineering services for the ISBL facilities and part of OSBL facilities.

The project is anticipated to start up during the first quarter of 2014.

The engineering was completed on May 2013.

Page updated on: 18th September 2014

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