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  • the VEC website” means the website, owned and operated by the Valdel Engineers & Constructors, located at, including any page, part or element thereof;
  • the VEC ” means  Valdel Engineers & Constructors
  • Hyperlinks herein to all documents should be deemed part of these terms and conditions   The fact that some or all of the hyperlinks may, from time to time, be non-operational, shall not affect the functioning of the website.

Content from the VEC website may not be used or exploited by Users for any commercial and non-private purposes without the prior written consent of the VEC.

Users may only access, browse and use the VEC website for legitimate personal or commercial purposes and may not use the   website or any of the   services and/or products for:

  • Harmful purposes;
  • Illegal purposes;
  • Disclosing, sharing or publishing material that may be offensive, defamatory, regulated, prohibited, infringing or damaging to any person; and/or
     The creation, storage and sending of unsolicited commercial communications.

If any User uses content from the VEC website in breach of the provisions detailed herein:

  • The VEC reserves the right to claim damages from the User.
  • The VEC reserves the right to institute criminal proceedings against the User.
  • The VEC shall not be liable, in any manner whatsoever, for any damage, loss, or liability that resulted from the use of such content by the User or any third party.
  • No person may, without the prior written consent of the VEC, frame the VEC website in any manner whatsoever.

E-mail addresses, names, telephone numbers, and fax numbers published on the VEC website may not be incorporated into any database used for electronic marketing or similar purposes. No permission is given or should be implied that information on the VEC website may be used to communicate unsolicited communications to the VEC and all rights detailed are reserved.

Intellectual property rights
All intellectual property on the VEC website, including but not limited to content, trademarks (or any confusingly similar trademarks), logos, pictures, video, downloads, domain names, patents, design elements, software, source code, meta tags, databases, text, graphics, icons and hyperlinks are the property of or licensed to the VEC and as such, are protected from infringement by domestic and international legislation and treaties. Subject to the rights licensed to the User, all other rights to intellectual property on the VEC website are expressly reserved.
No person may use logos, icons, or trade marks from the VEC website as hyperlinks or other purposes without the VEC's prior written consent.

The full name and legal status of the website owner: Mr. MJ Shantharaam, MD
Head office street address:  Valdel Engineers & Constructors Pvt. Ltd.,
                                                     The Residency
                                                     133/1, 5th Floor,
                                                     Residency Road,
                                                     Bengaluru, India -560025.
Telephone number: +91 80 46458000
Fax number: +91 80 46458077
Main business:  Engineering services for Oil & Gas related fields
The website address of the VEC website is :
The official e-mail address of the VEC is available at the contact link

Users may lodge complaints concerning the VEC website with the VEC at

Changes and Amendments

The VEC reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to do any of the following, at any time without prior notice or justification:

  • change these terms and conditions.
  • change the content and/or services available from the VEC website.
  • discontinue any aspect of the VEC website or service(s) available from the VEC website and/or
  • change the software and hardware required to access and use the VEC website.

The VEC shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of Users and for the purpose of this clause,  

The VEC may electronically collect, store and use the following personal information of Users:
name and surname, area code, street address, postal address, title, contact numbers, non-personal browsing habits and click patterns, e-mail address and / or IP address.

The VEC collects, stores and uses the abovementioned information for the following purposes:

  • Communicate requested information to the User.
  • Provide services to the User as requested by the User.
  • Authenticate the User.
  • Provide the User with access to restricted pages on this website and
  • Compile non-personal statistical information about browsing habits, click-patterns, and access to the VEC website.

Information detailed above is collected either electronically by using cookies or is provided voluntarily by the User. Users may determine cookie use independently through their browser settings.
The VEC may collect, maintain, save, compile, share, disclose and sell any information collected from users, subject to the following provisions:

  • the VEC shall not disclose personal information of Users unless the User consents thereto.
  • the VEC shall disclose personal information without the User’s consent only through due legal process.
  • the VEC may compile, use and share any information that does not relate to any specific individual.
  • The VEC owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by the VEC.

Hyperlinks to third party sites
The VEC may provide hyperlinks to websites not controlled by the VEC (“target sites”) and such hyperlinks do not imply any endorsement, agreement on or support of the content, products, and/or services of such target sites.
The VEC does not editorially control the content, products, and/or services on target sites and shall not be liable, in any manner whatsoever, for the access to, inability to access, use, inability to use or content available on or through target sites.

The VEC shall take all reasonable steps to secure the content of the VEC website and the information provided by and collected from Users from unauthorised access and/or disclosure. However, the VEC does not make any warranties or representations that content shall be 100% safe or secure.
Users may not deliver or attempt to deliver, whether on purpose or negligently, any damaging code, such as computer viruses, robots, or spyware, to the VEC website or the server and computer network that support the VEC website.

Notwithstanding criminal prosecution, any person who delivers or attempts to deliver any damaging code to the VEC website, whether on purpose or negligently, shall, without any limitation, indemnify and hold the VEC harmless against any and all liabilities, damages, risks and losses that the VEC and its partners / affiliates may suffer as a result of such delivery, attempt or damaging code.

Users may not develop, distribute, or use any device or programme designed to breach or overcome the security measures of the restricted pages, products and services on the VEC website and the VEC reserves the right to claim damages from any and all persons involved, directly and indirectly, in the development, use and distribution of such devices or programmes.

Users who commit any of the offences   shall, notwithstanding criminal prosecution, be liable for all resulting liabilities, losses, destruction or damages suffered and/or incurred by the VEC and its partners / affiliates due to or related to these illegal actions.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability
Subject to the provisions of  laws, if applicable, and as far as allowed by law, the VEC (including its owners, employees, suppliers, Internet service providers, partners, affiliates and agents) shall not be liable for any damage, loss or liability of any nature incurred by whomever and resulting from:

  • access to the VEC website.
  • access to websites linked to the VEC website.
  • inability to access the VEC website.
  • inability to access websites linked to the VEC website.
  • content available on the VEC website.
  • services available from the VEC website.
  • products available from the VEC website.
  • downloads and use of content from the VEC website and/or
  • any other reason not directly related to the VEC’s gross negligence.

The VEC website is supplied on an "as is" basis and has not been compiled to meet the User's individual requirements. It is the responsibility of the User to satisfy himself or herself, prior to entering into this agreement with the VEC, that the content available from and through the VEC website meet the User's individual requirements and is compatible with  

Removal and correction of content
Users are encouraged to report untrue, inaccurate, defamatory, illegal, infringing, and/or harmful content available from the VEC website to the VEC, and the VEC undertakes to correct and/or remove such content or any part thereof if the person reporting such content provided reasonable grounds to prove the alleged nature of the content.

The User agrees and warrants that data messages that are sent to the VEC from a computer, IP address, or mobile device normally used by or owned by the User, was sent and/or authorised by the User personally.

Applicable and governing law
The VEC website is hosted, controlled, and operated from the third party locations and governed by the Rules and Regulations of that country and also the Government of India  

Legal costs
The VEC shall not be liable for costs incurred by Users to obtain professional advice relating to these terms and conditions.

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