About Us
Our Identity


“ The Valdel brand stands for value delivered to each stakeholder of the corporation. ”

We deliver value to our customers through our customized services and solutions created by a highly qualified and motivated organization.

We deliver value to the Employees by creating an international work environment and by our focus on continuous learning.

To the investors we provide long term sustainable value founded on ethics and good corporate governance.
Our focus on growth provides our business partners opportunity to grow with us.



“ Valdel held together by a set of red & blue triangles is the mark of the Valdel Corporation. ”

The triangle is a symbol of creative intellect and energy representing the entrepreneurship, ambition and a knowledge based corporation.

“The network of triangles is symbolic of the flow of energy and signifies synergies between all stakeholders of the corporation, creating value for each one of them.”

The colours of the logo have been carefully chosen, the red stands for energy and entrepreneurship while the blue stands for power and perseverance.


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